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Looking Foward Leaping Back FINAL


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Session 1

PANEL 1A: Sex and Sexuality

Facilitator: Dr Jane Nicholas

Kief Godbout-Kinney Memorial University

PhD Sociology

AI and Sex Robots: An Examination of the History and Technologization of Sexuality

Jennifer Baker University of Waterloo

A Murderous Wife as both Perpetrator and Victim: Seventeenth-century English Judicial and Social

Oversight to Control Women in Domestic Abuse Cases

J. Gary Myers York University

PhD History

Gay Ghetto to Gay Village to Post Gay: Nostalgia & Crisis

in Toronto’s Church-Wellesley Village

PANEL 1B: Perseverance in Medical History Facilitator: Dr Adam Crerar

Samantha Franco Western University

MA History

“Death strikes down the innocent and the young”:

Tracheotomy in the Saving of a Child’s Life during the

Diphtheria Epidemic of Victorian London, 1850-1900

Paul Mansell

Wilfrid Laurier University

PhD History

Perseverance against an Epidemic: The Great Sickness of 1740

PANEL 1C: Perseverance in the Early Ages Facilitator: Dr Mary Anne Gonzales

Erin Kurian

University of Waterloo MA Student

The Medieval Leather Trade: An Environmental Perspective

Luke Van Vuuren

Queen’s University

MA Candidate

“When Christian Identities Collide: The New Latin Church in the Crusader States.”

Mihai Giboi

Wilfrid Laurier University

MA History

Across the Danube: Vlad Tepes’ Use of Unconventional

Warfare, 1461-1462






Session 2

PANEL 2A: Perseverance in the Military Facilitator: Dr Tara Abraham

Jake Breadman Western University

MA Public History

The Poised Paterfamilias: The Construction of Georgian Military Masculinity in Lieutenant John Le

Couteur’s Journal

Kemal Koyu University of Waterloo

MA History

Chaos, Consolidation, and Counterattack: Sarajevo Besieged

Krenare Recaj University of Waterloo

MA History

Delaying the Inevitable: Canada and Kosovo

PANEL 2B: Lessons from Africa Facilitator: Dr Catherine Carstairs

Kyle Prichard

Wilfrid Laurier University

PhD History

Okwoienoma, or War is Unwelcome: Igbo Women and Survival during the Nigerian Civil War.

Isaac Toyin University of Guelph

MA History

Africa’s Economic Crises and Neoliberal

Interventions: The Case Study of Ghana and Nigeria

PANEL 2C: In the Pursuit of Equality Facilitator: Dr Blaine Chiasson

Haley Clark University of Guelph

MA Sociology

Understanding Educational Approaches of Students with Disabilities

Cassandra Dodds University of Guelph

MA History

Inequality in the Eighteenth Century


Okilah Desmond Ofori University of Guelph

MA History

“We have not thrown our Culture away”: Cultural

Identity and Expression among Ghanaian

Immigrants in Toronto, 1967-2000




Keynote Speaker: Dr Jaipreet Virdi University of Delaware

Activism in Crisis: Making Space for Disability Discourse




Session 3

PANEL 3A: The State and Colonialism Facilitator: Dr Susan Roy

Jonathan Chan

University of Waterloo

Colonialism in Pixels: The Replication of Colonialism

through Game Mechanics

Evan Cater

University of Waterloo

Stand Fast for Peace and Freedom!: The British Labour

Party and the Sudetenland Crisis of 1938

Mallory Davies University of Waterloo

PhD History

“Teen Motherhood is Costing the Government…”: The

Shifting Educational Policy Regarding Teen Mothers in

Vancouver, 1973-1982

PANEL 3B: Perseverance out of the Second World War

Facilitator: Dr. Karen Racine

Sean Remz Concordia University

MA Department of Religions

and Cultures

Perseverance of Hungarian Holocaust Survivors under Communist Rule

Amanda Hooper

University of Waterloo

The Allied Forces, the Holocaust, the United Nations,

and the Emergence of Human Rights

Angelo Laskaris

University of Toronto PhD History

The Children of the 1940s Memories of the Nazi Occupation, the Resistance, and the Civil War in Greece